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That’s it for this series of Being Victor. You can still catch all the episodes now on and please feel free to continue airing all your thoughts on the subjects covered on this site. We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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The Social Network

Vinnie may have only been using his online persona ‘Victor’ to express himself, but some of his posts nearly ruined the lives of his friends and family.

Like the Mark Zuckerberg of QM, Vinnie let jealousy and spite fuel his online antics!

What kind of things do you want to keep prying eyes away from?

Embarrasing photographs?

Bitchy comments?

Status of your love life? 

Are they in public view already? Maybe it’s time to take this online survey and find out how public your life is!

If you’re looking for advice on how to be safe online, check out this page of helpful tips.

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Love will tear us apart…

Has Vinnie blown his only chance of happiness?

Rachel was the princess Leia to Vinnie’s Han Solo, and in geek terms, that means a lot! But casting her aside for someone else is no way to treat a princess. Vinnie’s going to have to think of something extra special to win back her love and trust.

What grand gestures have you made to win over someone’s heart? Did it work? Or did it all come crashing down on you in a big heap of embarrasment? Tell us your story!

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Helping hands…

Lesley’s turned over a new leaf- she’s no longer moping about her bedroom, staring at her laptop, instead she’s helping Geoff around the house, and giving Doyle a much needed break from his dad.

Helping others can be a meaningful way to give a sense of purpose to your life, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t material benefits too! When pocket money is low, it can be the best way to get what you’re after. Check out this list on how best to give and take;

Orange Rockcorps

Get free concert tickets by helping out in your community.

4 hours of work will get you 1 ticket to some of the biggest concerts happening, from Lady Gaga to Snoop Dogg. See website for latest details.

European Voluntary Service

Xchange Scotland / Una Exchange (wales) /EIL

18- 30 year olds can take part in various projects all over Europe

Volunteers receive:

  • Free accommodation (usually in a shared flat)
  • Travel Costs
  • Food and Pocket Money Allowance
  • Language support before and during the project
  • Training: Pre-departure, On arrival, Mid-term evaluation
  • Comprehensive Medical, Optical and Dental Insurance


Arts festivals and organisations often rely on volunteers. Free tickets are on offer for jobs as simple as opening doors for people.

Edinburgh International Film Festival (June) 6 tickets, plus access to press screenings

BFI London Film Festival (October)- travel and food expenses covered

Glasgow Film Theatre Free cinema tickets for as little as a 3 hour ushering shift per week. 

For more in your area see Voluntary Arts Scotland , Voluntary Arts England , Voluntary Arts Wales

If you are a talented writer you can also volunteer to be a reviewer at festivals in Edinburgh and Brighton with Three Weeks magazine and see lots of free shows!

Happy Helping!

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PEP: The Facts

In episodes 12 and 13 of Being Victor we see Doyle have unprotected sex with a man who is HIV positive and how he deals with that. The PEP treatment that Doyle takes may prevent HIV infection after the virus has entered the body. It’s a little known treatment and this post will hopefully give you more details about what it is and how it works.

PEP stands for  post exposure prophylaxis and involves taking anti-HIV drugs for a month. Like the morning after pill, treatment must be started as soon as possible after unsafe sex or a condom not working – the latest it can be started is 3 days later.

PEP is not guaranteed to work and has many side effects such as diarrhoea, headaches, nausea and vomiting.

If you do think that you need to start a course of PEP treatment then the best places to go are sexual health clinics, HIV clinics and hospitals – not all of these places will offer PEP so it is best to call beforehand. GPs do not usually precribe PEP.

You can read more about PEP including first person accounts on this Terence Higgins Trust microsite.

Remember to stay safe.

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Electronic Humilation: Your Experiences

In a recent study by the Cyberbullying Research Center 6% of boys and 4% of girls said they posted something publicly online to make fun of, threaten, or embarrass their romantic partner and 5% of boys and 3% of girls said they uploaded or shared a humiliating of harassing picture of their romantic partner online or through their mobile phone.

If something like this has ever happened to you then speak up and let us know- how did you deal with it?

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The Blame Game

After weeks of bullying and name calling, Lesley decided she couldn’t take the pressure any more. She may have taken the pills, but who’s really to blame for her situation?

Carl-  without Carl there would be no video, and although he didn’t post the sex tape online- he did know that it was going to be used for malicious purposes.

Danny- Danny persuaded Carl to do the dastardly deed, and started the campaign that included everyone’s inboxes at QM. If Carl had said no, however, he would have had nothing to show.

Lesley- Danny told Carl it wouldn’t take more than two dates to bed Lesley, and she doesn’t disappoint. Was Lesley aware that she was being filmed? And should she have put so much trust in a guy she doesn’t know all that well?

So who do you think? Vote below!

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Stay Safe Online: Top 10 Privacy Tips

You are your own best protector online. Online conduct has consequences. Make smart choices with our helpful guide.

1. Keep your rep
If you would not want a college or a prospective employer to see it, or if you wouldn’t share it with your parents, don’t post it. Protect yourself. De-tag yourself from photos you’re not happy anyone seeing. Or ask friends to take them down!

2. Don’t get personal

ie. Phonenumber, email address, home address, etc. The forms may ask for all this information, but you are under no obligation to give it!

3. Alternative you…

Use a separate email address specifically for online purposes like registering with websites, etc. Keep your preferred email to correspond with friends and family. This will stop your account being hacked and your friends & family’s emails being spammed. After all it’s embarrassing to have to tell your loved ones that you’ve caught a virus…

4. Reply all?

If you reply to a mailing list post, check the headers. Is your reply going to the person you think it is, or to the whole list? If you are forwarding an email, always delete other email addresses in the message. You don’t know where these round robin emails will end up, or who will get the information.

5. Spreading the word

Be aware that an increasing number of employers are monitoring and recording employee Web usage, as well as e-mail. This could compromise home banking passwords and other sensitive information. Keep private data and private Net usage private, at home.

6. Congratulations! You’re our 1,000,000th visitor!

Beware sites that offer some sort of reward or prize in exchange for your contact information or other personal details. There’s a very high probability that they are gathering this information for direct marketing purposes, and to sell on to other companies. Be especially wary of sweepstakes and contests. You probably won’t win, but the marketer sure will if you give them your information.

7. Spam Spam Spam Spam…

“Spam”, or unsolicited bulk e-mail, is something you are probably already familiar with (and tired of). If you get a spammed advertisement, don’t take the sender up on whatever offer they are making, but also don’t bother replying with “REMOVE” in the subject line, or whatever (probably bogus) unsubscribe instructions you’ve been given. This simply confirms that your address is being read by a real person, and you’ll find yourself on dozens more spammers’ lists in no time.

8. Username101

Don’t use the same username on every site. A common way to track someone on different social networks and forums is by this individual tag. Also make sure you don’t use your user name as the first part of your email address.

9. Beautiful Stranger…?

A good way to tell if a person is who they say they are, is to look through their online photos. It will soon become clear if they are a genuine person, with friends and a social life, or not- if they only have one or two pics, it could easily have been taken from online elsewhere!

10. Where’s Wally?

Foursquare and Facebook Places give out information on your whereabouts. Think about who you wouldn’t want to see this- eg. You’ve taken a sickee from work/college and you’ve just announced you’re at the cinema to all your friends and colleagues. Or how about you’re on a hot date at the best restaurant in town, and you’ve just informed your jealous ex where you are…

Mostly its down to good old common sense. You’ll get more out of networking if you keep it real with genuine people, so have fun and stay safe!

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Dark nights

In the latest episode, Lesley takes some desperate measures to solve her problems.

Have you ever felt the pressure’s getting to you, or that life just isn’t what you expected it to be? Everybody has a dark moment now and then, help others on the forum by telling us what keeps you going!

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Family first?

In episode 12, Doyle’s relationship with his father is deteriorating fast. Maybe Doyle should be more understanding of his Dad’s condition, or perhaps his dad doesn’t realise the pressure he is putting on his son.

What would help their situation?

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